General Notes

General Notes About Character Creation for Tes’lan

1) We will be using 6th Edition Hero Rules.

2) Books In Use – Hero System 6th Edition Volume 1 (HS6Ev1),
Hero System 6th Edition Volume 2 (HS6Ev2),
Advanced Players Guide I (APGI),
Advanced Players Guide 2 (APG2),
Hero System Martial Arts (HSM),
Fantasy Hero (FH)

3) Character creation will be via Hero Designer 3, with an initial point allowance of 300 points with up to 50 points complications, for a maximum total of 35o points.

4) Active Point Limitations – Average attacks should be about 30 active points, where maximum is 45 active points without further authorization.There will be cases where active point totals go beyond this for magical effects, but versus any SINGLE target, active points should (initially) not exceed 45.

5) There are specific rules about the way magic works. They are detailed below under the heading “Tes’lantean Magic”.

6) As with most of my campaigns, characters should be detailed with skills, so as a guideline, adult characters typically should have at least (INT * AGE)/5 points in skills… This total includes standard skills, martial arts, magic skills.

7) Ostensibly this will be almost “super” heroic fantasy, which is to say, that characters can have special abilities, powers etc. This is predicated on the premise that the mana and mana-fields can affect the development of flora and fauna. So lots of “magical” mutants. However, all the other tone and rules associated with the campaign will be strictly heroic – meaning that hit locations, encumbrance and other such rules will be in effect.

8) Finally, with regard to characters… They all must be submitted to me for approval. Please detail out the extras… that is background, etc as given in HD3, also if you have pics or sketches include as well. Please submit the HDC file for approval. I reserve the right to make tweaks to the character to fit into the campaign, but of course I will discuss why, the intended change, and options if you find unacceptable before making the change.

9) Due to the separation etc. of players. I am planning on attempting this via Virtual Table Top software. I have chosen MapTools for a variety of reasons.

1) It is free.

2) It supports both mac and pc, so it won’t exclude anyone on that basis.

3) It is highly scriptable, and will evolve with us.

The only draw back is no voice, and no face to face. Now, if you all want, we can try skyping or the like, to fill that gap. Of course, it would be nice to gather for a real face to face game once in a while, but with schedules and responsibilities being what they tend to be, I think this a good alternative. Since it makes a lot of the logistics easier, I would like you all to feel free to invite others that may be interested. We will have to game at the same time, but otherwise we can be as far apart as the internet allows.

10) I have posted all the appropriate files with current changes… So please dl within the next week if possible. I will be entertaining questions, comments, etc….

General Notes

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